KPA Shipping Movement


At Lamu Shipping we provide comprehensive logistics solutions for KPA Shipping Movement, Project Cargo, Out of Gauge and Overweight Cargo for the Oil and Gas, Construction, Steel and Industrial project sectors in particular. With our high end equipment and vast experience we are able to provide our customers with complete solutions for your heavy machinery.
Lamu Shipping (LSL) is a Shipping Agency and Ship management company providing Military Project Cargo – Lamu Shipping services and aspiring to be a regional leader in Coastal Shipping and Ship agency.
With operations commenced in 2019, LSL has progressively established stakeholder working connections within and outside the Maritime industry. This helps LSL Offer efficient supply chain and Port Logistics services.
We distinguish ourselves as responsive and agile in offering complete end to end Shipping solutions on different types of Cargo and all types of Vessels. We offer extremely competitive Shipping agency and Ship management services to Ships and Cargo owners.
KPA Shipping Movement

Our Vision

To be the regional leader in Shipping agency

and Coastal Shipping service.

Key Strengths

  • Experience, Network and contacts in the Shipping Industry.
  • Highly qualified and experienced team that make prompt and reliable operational decisions.
  • Modern spacious offices and facilities.
  • Fully automated office and operation systems.
  • Quality Control systems.

Our Mission

Provide Ship Agency Services and manage coastal ships efficiently, in a way that meets or exceeds the safety and quality standards of the industry as well as expectation of our customers’. Our vessels shall be manned by competent and well-trained seafarers, and operated by experienced and highly skilled onshore professionals.

We shall strive to achieve:

  • Superior service to our customers
  • Maximize value for our stakeholders
  • High standards of safety and cleanliness on our vessels.

Our Core Values

We are guided by the following vital principles in our thoughts and action, and which guide our leaders and employees in their day-to-day as well as long-range decision-making:

  • Entrepreneurship: We are dynamic and accustomed to change, rigorous, agile and assertive in our everyday work and decision-making.
  • Honesty & Openness: We promote honesty, transparency, integrity and ethos, as well as willingness to listen, learn and develop.
  • Initiative & Teamwork: We encourage new ideas, creativity and innovative approaches to achieve continuous improvement through cooperative team-work in our services and our way of working.
  • Safety & Cleanliness: Provide a clean, safe and hygiene working environment