Port Agency Services in Kenya – Lamu Shipping

All types of vessels

Lamu Shipping has built up a professional Shipping agency to provide Port Agency Services in Kenya – Lamu Shipping and for supporting vessels being represented by our agency. It is our definite goal to uphold the high standards of this industry. Therefore we support various vessels calling on the port for their operations or other activities which results in ship owners to willingly contact us and put us in charge of their vessels’ operations and daily needs.

At Lamu Shipping we strongly believe we are in business to help your business thrive, even in challenging times. Our promise to provide the best in shipping, logistics and marine services is one we take seriously.

Lamu Shipping (LSL) is a Shipping Agency and Ship management company based in Mombasa, Kenya with an objective to provide Port Agency Services and aspire to be a regional leader in Coastal Shipping and Ship agency.

Lamu Shipping is a global leader in ship and hub agency services, representing more than 1,000 customers.

Lamu Shipping offers ship owners, operators, charterers and management companies a wide range of integrated specialised services, from husbandry services including supply of spares, bunkers and provisions to canal & straits transits and maritime training.

With operations commenced in 2019, LSL has progressively established stakeholder working connections within and outside the Maritime industry. This helps LSL Offer efficient supply chain and Port Logistics services.
We distinguish ourselves as responsive and agile in offering complete end to end Shipping solutions on different types of Cargo and all types of Vessels. We offer extremely competitive Shipping agency and Ship management services to Ships and Cargo owners.

Port Agency Services Kenya