Ship Agency Kenya – Lamu Shipping Limited

Operating to the highest industry standards

Ship Agency Kenya – Lamu Shipping Limited operates to the highest industry standards; where factors like crew welfare, safety awareness & environmental conscientiousness are our corporate culture. This culture is a direct influence of our core values & has been inculcated by virtue of the commitment of the top management, who are actively involved in the reviews of the QSHE policy & its implementation.
Our firm belief in people, leadership and technical excellence results in a highly efficient, safe and reliable service that enables us to provide the best possible returns for our clients.

Lamu Shipping Limited, aspires to be the leading Shipping Company in the East-African region, offering a full range of Shipping business with the strong footing on the industry experience. The company’s present excellence can be attributed to its professional management approach along with long-serving customers across various industries. Our devoted and efficient employees are proficient with the intricacies of cargo transport which encompasses everything from documentation, to negotiating carrier rates, to tracking the shipment without compromising the foreign trade regulations.


  • Multifaceted services in Shipping and Logistics and leveraging on other related entities.
  • Experience, Network and contacts in the Shipping Industry.
  • Hands-on experience in handling RO-RO and Project Cargo.
  • Highly qualified and experience team that make prompt and reliable operational decisions.


To be the regional leader in Shipping agency and Coastal Shipping service.


Provide Ship Agency Services and manage coastal ships efficiently, in a way that meets or exceeds the safety and quality standards of the industry as well as expectation of our customers’. Our vessels shall be manned by competent and well-trained seafarers, and operated by experienced and highly skilled onshore professionals.

We shall strive to achieve:

  • Superior service to our customers
  • Maximize value for our stakeholders
  • High standards of safety and cleanliness on our vessels.


We are guided by the following vital principles in our thoughts and action, and which guide our leaders and employees in their day-to-day as well as long-range decision-making:

  • Entrepreneurship: We are dynamic and accustomed to change, rigorous, agile and assertive in our everyday work and decision-making.
  • Honesty & Openness: We promote honesty, transparency, integrity and ethos, as well as willingness to listen, learn and develop.
  • Initiative & Teamwork: We encourage new ideas, creativity and innovative approaches to achieve continuous improvement through cooperative team-work in our services and our way of working.
  • Safety & Cleanliness: Provide a clean, safe and hygiene working environment